8/26Intro to the Profession / Overview of Syllabus (Powerpoint)Held asynchronously Watch recording on BB Collaborate between 8/26-8/28Watch Sound of Metal using this link and PW SMTL@Loom1234!
9/2Review Anatomy & Physiology (Powerpoint) and Acoustics (Powerpoint)Quiz #1 due on BB by 11:59pm 9/8/2021Gelfand: Chapter 2 (33-40, 42-50) Kramer: Chapter 3 (19-42)

Week 2: Anatomy & Physiology Videos

Week 2: Acoustics Video

9/9Pathologies of the Ear – SNHL v. CHL
**if you are doing a pathology paper, this is where you will find ideas!Quiz #2 due on BB by 11:59pm 9/15/2021 Choose topic for Research Paper before next class!Gelfand: Chapter 6
9/23Library Session & Begin Hearing Assessments (Powerpoint for all): Pure Tone AudiometryHave your topic ready so you can practice looking up resources with the librarian!Quiz #3 due on BB by 11:59 pm 9/29/2021Gelfand: Chapter 5
9/30Finish Hearing Assessments: Pure Tone AudiometryQuiz #4 due on BB by 11:59pm 10/6/2021Gelfand: Chapter 5
10/7Hearing assessments: Speech AudiometryQuiz #5 due on BB by 11:59pm 10/13/2021Gelfand: Chapter 8
10/28MaskingQuiz #6 due on BB by 11:59pm on 11/3/2021Gelfand: Chapter 9
11/4Hearing Assessments: ImmittanceQuiz #7 due on BB by 11:59pm on 11/10/2021Hamid & Brookler article
11/11Objective Measures of Hearing (Powerpoint)Quiz #8 due on BB by 11:59pm on 11/17/2021Wiegers, Bielefeld, Whitelaw article
Dhar & Hall: Chapter 3 (bottom of 47- top of 50)

Objective Measures of Hearing Video

11/18Aural Rehabilitation: Counseling and AmplificationQuiz #9 due on BB by 11:59pm on 12/1/2021Meibos et al article, McCormack & Fortnum article
12/2Other topics in Audiology: Vestibular, tinnitus, APDQuiz #10 due on BB by 11:59pm on 12/9/2021Check OER for resources
12/16FINAL EXAMIn person!Good luck!

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